The Taiga Episode – Prologue

In a recent survey by the Federal Agency Of Forestry, an ancient burial site was discovered in the depths of East Siberian Taiga. Due to Climate change, the permafrost had melted away exposing a large Tomb complex. What was baffling was the Sanskrit text found in the tombs and the stone structures with intricate carvings of Indian gods. Continue reading The Taiga Episode – Prologue

Can’t wait to leave

I am leaving this place for a short while. I am leaving this oppressive, lost, narrow minded, greedy and unhealthy place! Maybe all those adjectives are harsh but there is some reality to it. Open any newspaper and all you read is the depravity and heinousness of the human soul. A society which lost its rudder in these globalised times, dead stale stuck. I am … Continue reading Can’t wait to leave

Motivate me!!!

Someone reminded me something yesterday, out of the blue, just like that. For her, it was just a couple of mundane and easy words, but to the right ears, such as mine, it resonated at the right wavelength. She said, “There are consequences to every decision we make in our lives”. Those words are special to me. People, set apart by time and geography, across … Continue reading Motivate me!!!