Quitting a bad habit.

There are some battles that I have never won. They all say that Quitting a bad habit is all about will power, maybe my willpower section for nicotine is damaged. Cigarettes are really addictive!!! I am going to try again, only harder this time. Wish me luck.

Just another day!

And let go he said, let go of everything that defines you, let go of everything that makes you you, let go of all your compulsions, let go for your desires and search for that one penultimate consciousness that make you you.

Point of chaos

Every morning I woke up I was blissfully unaware of a whole new dimension that exists around and inside me. I know, the word dimension evokes a sense of sci-fi but I don't mean it that way. I mean it from the perspective of my perception. My life is filled with hardships. That statement has…

Another Farewell

How do people say goodbye? How do you bid a goodbye or an adieu, when you know that this is definitely going to be last time you see that person. Let me give you an analogy to explain. There are 2 friends who really like each others company, but over time, slowly, gradually, the circumstances…