Thought evolution

There was a time when his life was quite different from today. Everyday was a struggle because of his financial difficulties. He always felt that he never made enough money and that he is stuck in a monthly cycle that would be with him till the day he died.  Everytime an opportunity came along, something bad would happen and the opportunity would disappear. He became … Continue reading Thought evolution

Monochromatic Memories

Hangzhou, China, June 10th 2015 We spent a beautiful day with our friend at his studio. The memories of that day are fresh and minty. It was a beautiful spring day. The studio was breezy and cool. The smell of fresh green sprouts filled my nostrils.     Julia played the Guqin “古琴” on the deck and I dabbed black ink on white Chinese paper. My friend … Continue reading Monochromatic Memories

Motivate me!!!

Someone reminded me something yesterday, out of the blue, just like that. For her, it was just a couple of mundane and easy words, but to the right ears, such as mine, it resonated at the right wavelength. She said, “There are consequences to every decision we make in our lives”. Those words are special to me. People, set apart by time and geography, across … Continue reading Motivate me!!!