Why is it that they say patience is a virtue?

Instant gratification is the norm of these contemporary times. A push of button, a swipe on a screen, brings you instant results. Over the years I have realised that the real world is far from such insane concepts. Nothing is instant. You can mimick someone but learning a new skill or learning a new language takes real time, energy, passion and effort.

Time! But how does one process time? Let’s say you are waiting for someone to say hi. Someone very far away. In today’s age you could always text first, but what if you had to wait? How do you process that waiting. How does ” patience is a virtue” fit in with the processing of the waiting period?

I don’t know, but for me, I enjoy the wait. There is a joy in that wait. I search for that joy. You could compare it with working out hard and then pushing harder, even as your muscles starts to ache. You start to enjoy that feeling of pushing through the exhaustion. It’s the same for me. I enjoy the agony of waiting.

Have a wonderful day!

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