I was locked away in a dungeon of my own doing. I am my greatest enemy. I am the will and I am the doing. I can be Karna, sudputra, forever wandering the forest of time looking for, yearning for, acceptance. But I am me. I can be more and I can be less. I can be the mountain or I can be the mustard seed, I can be anything and everything, I can go in any direction I choose. I am free of my own mental prisons.

Answering the question who am I? The least I know today, is that, I was a prisoner of my thoughts, ways of life and thinking. The moment identity exists, boundaries exist. I stopped saying “I am like this and thus I behave like this”. Repetitive motions gives rise to similar results.

BUT, I am free, I am not like anything, I do what the situation demands, Ever changing and adapting like nature itself.

You! The reader of this blog I want you to think of me as a person, as a human being who is finally discovering what it means to be a conscious being. “Being” think on this word. What does it even mean?

In a present or past continuous tense, being says that it is happening now, or was happening before, in a continual manner.

  1. She was being bad.
  2. You are being good.
  3. They were being mean.
  4. I am being patient.

Being can also be used as a gerund, a word that acts like a noun and looks like a verb

  1. Being virtuous, he conquered their hearts.He is being nice.

Doesn’t it make you wonder about who you are? What being is?

Have a wonderful day!!

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