I have been reading a wonderful book about Gandhi by Louis Fischer. The book has been quite insightful as it has given me a clearer understanding of the man called the Mahatma Gandhi. It is for the first time that I am truly understanding the man, his thoughts and his ideology. The veracity and distinctive sharpness of the truth of India and her subjects (Indians) was quite cleverly omitted from our education system. As children, if we were taught the truth instead of the twisted and saintly view of the man, we as a nation would have been better off today. Instead popular culture and movies have adopted a narrow and shallow view of Gandhi and his ideas. It is almost shameful and rather a rape on the collective minds of Indians by mediocre educationists. As per my understanding most of India and its inhabitants are no different from when Gandhi first addressed them in Benares. Then and today, the people live in a constant conflict with themselves, each other, every other community and religious groups and subgroups.
What did he strive for? For cleanliness, for honesty and for hardwork, but what do we see today all around us? Idleness, unnecessary fights and sheer violence. According to me Indians are the dirtiest humans on planet earth. The poor are the most dishonest people. And some religious groups, have zero regard and concern anyone else in the country. I understand now why Gandhi didn’t push for independence on the various occasions when it was in our grasp. He was afraid of what might we end up doing to ourselves. And at the end the result of all the years of struggle is a dog eat dog, dirty and dishonest country.

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