To forgive is to forget.

To forgive is not really about forgetting. If you live your life by forgetting the bitterest moments of your life and happiest moments of your life, is that even life.

To that I say never forget, never forget the bitterest and the happiest moments of your life. Never forget the people who gave you the bitterest and the most happiest moments of your life. You can still forgive them. You can forgive them by not keeping any bitterness in your heart. 

Forgiving or forgiveness also means dealing with people and situations as they come to you. You do as the situation demands you to do. That could mean that you embrace them, if that doesn’t work then you restrain them, throw them out of your life of your lives, if that doesn’t work you lock them away, if that also doesn’t work then you hang them. You do as a situation demand you to do. But don’t think that if he or she does something to me then I will do this, that is preempting, and that is a crime.


Jaggi Vasudev Sadhguru.

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