I am leaving this place for a short while. I am leaving this oppressive, lost, narrow minded, greedy and unhealthy place! Maybe all those adjectives are harsh but there is some reality to it. Open any newspaper and all you read is the depravity and heinousness of the human soul. A society which lost its rudder in these globalised times, dead stale stuck.

I am going to a vibrant, dynamic, growing and evolving place. Mumbai! 

13 more days to go!

Goat are wonderful pets too.
Scratch my head please! But don’t touch my ears.

On the fun side, one of my most naughty doe decided to jump into my lap. She forgets how heavy and big she has become. Goats and humans do form bonds. They are maybe more graceful and intelligent than dogs. A herbivore, goats are playful, naughty, intriguingly curious and instinctively rebellious.

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