How do people say goodbye? How do you bid a goodbye or an adieu, when you know that this is definitely going to be last time you see that person.

Let me give you an analogy to explain. There are 2 friends who really like each others company, but over time, slowly, gradually, the circumstances and situations of their lives start to change. And then comes a day when they hardly recognise each other.

What would you do in such a scenario?

Maybe, you would slowly, call less often and then eventually stop calling and stop talking altogether.

I said goodbye and that very next moment I chose to be out of that person’s life forever. At the very next instant, I blocked the said party on every electronic forum and blog. Not because I hate that person, but because I don’t like the “acquaintance” tag, especially for a friend with whom I have many great memories.

But it’s not over for me, I keep thinking repetitively about the entire scenario in my head. Over and over again, the same cyclical thoughts with a cyclical logic. I don’t like that either. So starting this instant I won’t think about all this.

So, friend, partner, comrade, Goodbye!!!!

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