Thought evolution

There was a time when his life was quite different from today. Everyday was a struggle because of his financial difficulties. He always felt that he never made enough money and that he is stuck in a monthly cycle that would be with him till the day he died. 

Everytime an opportunity came along, something bad would happen and the opportunity would disappear. He became bitter and blamed everyone. He thought that the god’s were conspiring to keep him in this place of perpetual repetitions. He called the working class’s world as repetitive hell on earth. Everything was a repetitive cycle of different time lengths for the people who lived in this space of repetitive hell. Not just work and life but also people’s stories themselves follow a bell curve. After a certain period of listening to people talking about the mundane stuff in their lives, he realised that though indeed he had taken the red pill, and the only way to find out how deep the rabbit hole goes he had evolve in the way he thought.

The first step he did was he was honest and truthful to himself. He agreed and accepted every flaw he had to himself. He vowed to accept his mistakes, whenever he was wrong, and work on not repeating them again. He started to accept life, he started to accept the consequences of his decisions. He chose to be an explorer. He chose to do only those things that he loved the most. 

I want to leave you with a question that he asked me one day. The rhetoric answer to the question baffles and amazes me even today. An oxymoron for a moron.

Two ripe apples drop from a tree. One apple lands on good soil and the other one in poor stoney soil. 

Both germinate in the rains. After 10 years the apple tree in good soil is large and bears a lot of fruit. The apple tree in the poor soil has stunted growth and bears fruit once in four years.


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