An Afternoon in Kerala

We took a drive to Malampuzha Dam in Palakkad, Kerala. The dam catchment area is called Kava. It is a must visit, but please don't litter such a pristine sight. Music: License free music from Google Play Photos.   Location:

Thought evolution

There was a time when his life was quite different from today. Everyday was a struggle because of his financial difficulties. He always felt that he never made enough money and that he is stuck in a monthly cycle that would be with him till the day he died.  Everytime an opportunity came along, something…

That day we left – part 1

Tomorrow afternoon they will fly out. 2 different gates, and then forward to 2 different countries never to meet each other again. He would never again be able to hold her in his arms, kiss her and confess how much he loved her. They both knew the realities. And that is why this last night must count.