I am educated, fairly intelligent and fairly stupid as well. I am an organic farmer today. I love what I do blah blah blah.

There is one thing that farming is teaching me. Planning for the future. When I started farming planning ahead came naturaly to me. Partly due to years of training by modern time shredders (corporates persay). My plans were simple enough with dates and deadlines.


There were too many deviations and changes. The plan was ill prepared to handle massive changes and situations. Simply put delay in rain or too much rain, no workers to half completed work, change of planting crop by unavailability of seeds to unfavorable financially and such other factors.

Plush COFS29 grass

But now I plan with a vengeance. Flexibility is the key. My plans now have a higher success rate due to the very fact that I build multi level plans with various win scenarios. With experience I am able to foresee problems specifically caused by people and am able to find solutions. For weather related preparedness, well that’s a tough one. Basically by planning less and being more of a soldier of fortune helps.

Menacing monsoon clouds

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