Pre-Monsoon Malabar

It all started with an extremely hot and humid day. A regular hot day which makes you give up any hope that you have. The heat rises up not only as hot air but also as that emotional updraught. Suddenly as the sepia colored world plunges into perpetual heat, a ray of hope rises on the far side of the southern horizon, beyond the Walayar mountains. 

The light from the sun wavers and the first sign of the giant undefeatable grey army can be seen. The relentless grey army marches on into the land burnt down by the sepia. The grey army finally arrives with loud thunderous war drums beating incessantly. As the king of grey rises higher up, the light show and war drums intensifies. 

As an alien swarm attacking a target, the king of grey and his army rises higher and higher until finally they fall back under earths immense gravity, reaching terminal velocity. With a gleam of blue and a flash of white, 

The Grey army decimates Sepia.

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