I am educated, fairly intelligent and fairly stupid as well. I am an organic farmer today. I love what I do blah blah blah. There is one thing that farming is teaching me. Planning for the future. When I started farming planning ahead came naturaly to me. Partly due to years of training by modern time shredders (corporates persay). My plans were simple enough with … Continue reading Foresight

Monochromatic Memories

Hangzhou, China, June 10th 2015 We spent a beautiful day with our friend at his studio. The memories of that day are fresh and minty. It was a beautiful spring day. The studio was breezy and cool. The smell of fresh green sprouts filled my nostrils.     Julia played the Guqin “古琴” on the deck and I dabbed black ink on white Chinese paper. My friend … Continue reading Monochromatic Memories